Locke Earns New Response Rating

The NC Office of State Fire Marshal has notified Locke Fire Department of its new classification under the North Carolina Response Rating Schedule.

After a detailed review of records, staffing, equipment, training, response, and numerous other areas, the NC OSFM has assigned Locke Fire Department a North Carolina Response Rating of “4.”

The new rating takes effect today, June 1, 2017.

This Response Rating benefits the entire Locke Township community.  The first benefit is the lowering of property insurance premiums for property held within the district.  Achieving this new rating improves commercial tax premiums in particular.

Previously, the department held a 6/9E split rating, with 6 applying to territory within 5 road miles of the department, and 9E applying to areas outside of this initial driving radius.

Congratulations to our members and officers for their efforts in improving speed, quality, and quantity of response within Locke Township Fire Department.  Thank you to all citizens of the Locke Township Fire District; your input and taxes contributions encourage us toward safe, professional, and timely service to an outstanding community.